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Agape Aid is dedicated to saving marriages, restoring broken relationships, and helping to create healthy relationships.

Chris De Burgh in the song The Words I Love You sings:

There are those who think that love comes with a lifetime guarantee.
But we know from those around us that this may not always be.

But let us make it a lifetime guarantee.

Agape love is the the purest unconditional and unselfish love.

We understand the word “love” differently depending on context.

What is love?
Is infatuation love?
Is lust love?
We are told to love our neighbour, but is that the same love as the love we have for our children, or our partner?

In the Greek language there are four words to describe love. Each one should be a facet in a mature love between partners in a marriage.

Eros love is the sensual, physical, passionate, erotic love. When we say we “fall in love” this is the love we feel. Eros love is what we feel when we are infatuated and dating. Eros is about attraction, as compared to the fourth one, Agape, which is unconditionally giving.

Philos love is the affectionate feeling between friends and family. There is an element of philos love between a loving couple.

Storge love is affection in the family, such as the affection of a parents to their child.

Agape is the purest love. It is a selfless unconditional love where the love is given without expecting anything in return. This is the “love” referred to in the Bible.

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