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Update Jonas Westerlund self-confessed murderer.

Update March 26th 2014

According to Westerlund´s lawyer, he is apealing his sentence. Firstly he wants a milder sentence, and secondly he wants to serve it in a psychiatric hospital, not in prison. His lawyer is critical of his psychiatric assessment.

He said that Westerlund was suffering from a maladaptive stress reaction at the time he committed the murders. In addition he showed signs of Borderline Personality Disorder as well as Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

This is dangerous territory to enter in. Can we really excuse somebody, who in a clear premeditated way plans and murders his children, because they are narcissists?

After all he sent SMS messages over a few weeks:

"2 weeks to go"

"1 week to go"

"time’s up"

And the final one after locking his children in a wooden cottage and setting it alight: "Revenge is sweet"

Now the lawyer wants a new psychiatric assessment. All and well if there is a treatable condition, but not if the man is a narcissist.

Update March 8th 2014

As expected Jonas Westerlund was found guilty of murdering his two young sons, Simon and Emil. he was also found guilty of attempted murder on his daughter, Maja. In addition there was the charge of arson, guilty here as well.

The court sentenced Westerlund to life time imprisonment, the harshest sentence in Swedish law.

Update October 3rd 2013

Jonas Westerlund appeared before a judge on October 2nd 2013, when he admitted to everything he was accused of.

The 40-year-old admitted to:

He said straight out that he set the house alight because he wanted to kill his children.

The coward entered the court covered in an orange prison issue blanket, which was removed once he sat down on the bench.

Both his wrists were bandaged from his supposed suicide attempt. He said he tried to commit suicide, but changed his mind.

Firemen at burned cottage

The burned cottage

The prosecutor Henrik Attorps asked for Westerlund to be kept in jail awaiting trial for two cases of murder, one of attempted murder and one of arson. He also asked the court to jail Westerlund with restrictions. This means he has no TV, radio, newspapers or contact with outsiders, except for his lawyer.

Westerlund’s lawyer, Sargon De Basso said that Westerlund agreed with everything, including restrictions. He said his client committed the crimes to hurt the mother of the children.

The prosecutor did not want to speculate about the motive, but asked the court to order Westerlund to undergo psychiatric tests.

Westerlund's children

Westerlund's young children

Three weeks later Westerlund was back in court to hear the result of his psychiatric evaluation.

The result of the initial psychiatric evaluation was that Westerlund has a personality disorder.

The court then ordered that Westerlund return for further psychiatric tests which will take between four and six weeks to complete.

His two ex-wives knew there was something wrong with him, yet they stayed with him for years. If your partner shows the signs of being a manipulative controlling individual, don’t let his initial “nice guy” behavior fool you. If he is behaving like this leave him as soon as possible.

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