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Long Distance Relationships

Do long distance relationships work? Yes they can! In fact there are elements in a long distance relationship that can lay the base for a stronger long lasting relationship than a relationship that develops too fast too early.

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Statistically there is no difference in the risk a relationship will fail, between a long distance relationship and a normal close relationship. Being physically apart does not mean you will be emotionally apart. In fact a long distance relationship can build a stronger emotional bond that sets you up for a lifetime of happiness.

If you are in a long distance relationship or in a relationship where you spend long times apart, there is no reason why you should not be able to develop an intimate secure and trusting relationship with the man or woman you love. Be aware of the pitfalls and treat your relationship in a mature way and you will be able to have a fulfilling and secure relationship over a long distance. There are a few guides to help you on your journey to happiness, one of the most popular today is the Long Distance Love Guide.

There are more couples in long distance relationships today than there has ever been. We live in a world where traveling to the other side of our continent or to other continents is an everyday thing, be it work related or in the armed services (special work related case). But with this comes more technology helping us keep in touch. We have Skype, instant messaging chat programs, emails and the old stalwart, the phone.

The main argument against long distance relationships is the risk of cheating and infidelity. If you develop a real relationship, and manage it correctly, then there will not be any greater risk of cheating than in a conventional relationship. But you have to be aware of the difficulties you face and compensate with being more mindful of staying connected, open and intimate.

Yes you can have a more intimate long distance relationship than many close distance relationships where couples start taking each other for granted. Intimacy builds trust and intimacy is not restricted by distance. Intimacy does not need close physical contact. Intimacy is a mental thing. By staying connected and being intimate in your talk you can have an exciting and loving relationship.

How to have an unbreakable long distant relationship.


Yes talk to each other as often as possible. That is what we do when we are in love. Use Skype, it is free, computer to computer. You see each other and your emotions will be as strong as if you were sitting next to each other. Strange as it seems, contact via the Internet creates real emotions. Emotions are in your soul, not in a physical presence.

Talk every day if possible. Those butterflies in your stomach will flutter when you think about connecting, just as they would if you were about to visit you love. You are bonding soul to soul. You are building a relationship to last a lifetime. Many couples have gone through what you are experiencing and have grown stronger by their long distance courtship.

You can be intimate. Intimacy is in the mind. Knowing that you will be together some time, intimacy over a distance is exciting. Nurture that excitement.

Text each other. This may not be as great as talking, but a loving text warms the heart and soul as much as hearing the words: “I love You!” So text, text and text.

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Choose Your Friends.

This is a vital part in the success of of a long distance relationship. Superficial friends who do not believe your relationship will work, and encourage you to get out and about and meet other people are poison to your relationship. Stick to real friends who believe in you and support you, or at least respect your relationship.

Don’t go clubbing. If your friends try to take you along, remember you have a serious relationship. Would you leave the love of your life at home and go out to places where people are looking for dates? Spend that time talking with your partner on the phone or on Skype.

Have a Goal.

Have an end plan. You may be studying in different parts of the country, on different continents, your loved one may be in the military or working in a different city. Whatever your situation you must see an end to the long distance relationship. It can be months or even a few years from now, but what is that time if you have met the love of your life and will spend the rest of your lives together?

Plan ahead and look forward to the time you will be together and you can have a wonderfully fulfilling relationship over a long distance until then.

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