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Eye contact flirting

Why is it so hard to find the man of your dreams? It could be something simple and inconspicuous, something that we seldom think about; eye contact.

Reading eye contact is something we do intuitively and subconsciously. We react to it in others with our gut feelings, but seldom are aware of what causes this instinctive reaction. Nor are we usually aware of how we look at other people.

The problem is that men and women tend to look at the opposite sex in different ways, and interpret the other sex’s looks from their own perspective. Equality is about having equal rights, but it is not about men and women being the same. We come from different planets.

In dating, men are usually in their “hunting mode.” This can cause confusion with body language signals. Some men have the staring gaze that gives a chill up the spine and an enhanced “Eeew!” factor. It could be the nice sensitive shy guy, but it could also be the sexual predator you don’t want to meet.

It can be confusing.

What is Your gaze like?

Flirt with your eyes

The right gaze is flirting with your eyes. Eye contact is a powerful weapon in a woman’s dating arsenal. You have the power to control who is interested to date you by merely how you look at him.

What if you are shy or embarrassed? Practice eye contact with all people you meet in your daily life.

First be neutral. Look at their face and let your eyes wander in a triangle formed by their eyes and their mouth. If in doubt, keep it between eyes and nose. This will give confidence. Think about what is being said so that you feel neutral inside. This is important, because your inner feelings will be reflected through your facial expression.

Then as you feel more confident start being aware of feeling friendly or warm inside. Whatever feeling is suitable to the occasion and person you are speaking to. Soon you will be doing this automatically without any conscious effort.

Now you are ready to strike out. When you meet a man who you think will be a great boyfriend, create a warm inviting feeling inside you, and then look at him with a casual glance. He will sense your gaze and when you get eye contact …WOW … you got him.

Eye contact to avoid

Fluttering eyelashes without a warm inviting feeling. That look is out of balance and is a turn off for the average normal man. Avoid men that go for that look. You don’t want to know them, believe me, they are not after a meaningful relationship.

The hard stare. This is challenging and again most normal men will not be encouraged to approach. Those men that do are also best avoided. Not good boyfriend material.

Warm eye flirt

The best eye contact is when you let your eyes reflect what you are feeling inside your heart. Do you feel warm, open and inviting Then your eyes will do the talking for you.

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