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Help save my marriage

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Has your husband recently left you? We can help save your marriage. We do not promise “3 easy steps,” because nothing will seem easy to you at the moment.

What you need to focus on right now is getting help with recovering your relationship.

I have been there, as my story of saving my marriage describes.

There are three important things to keep in mind:

There are three steps that you do need to go through, but they may not seem logical at the moment. If your husband or partner has left you then he is in flight mode. Chasing after him will only cause him to want to flee even more.

He may be feeling guilty and the only way he can ease that guilt at the moment is to run away blaming you and resist any attempts at getting him back. Remember that he will try to still his guilt by blaming you, so do not, at this stage, take too much of what he is saying personally. The time for analyzing will come later, not now.

Did I say that what is happening is not logical. Strong feelings have little to do with logic and what you are feeling like doing right now is probably the opposite of what you should try to do at this point.

Click on this video and hear why.

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Now you have to take care of yourself, so that you will be able to plan to save this marriage. And if it looks hopeless right now, do not worry, it is possible even to save a seemingly hopeless relationship.

In spite of how you are feeling, you need to calm yourself down, which is the best way to treat these emotions:

Depression at this stage is your body’s response to the stress you are under. If your depression makes you feel listless and tired, that’s OK for the moment. You do not have to be Superwoman and keep the kitchen clean like Martha Stewart.

If you find yourself falling into the emotionally depressed state, where you feel like staying inside and crying all day long? Whatever you do, Don’t

Are you constantly asking yourself, what went wrong and how could it happen? Don’t!

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It happened and now you are in relationship rescue mode. You are going forward. Strange as it may sound, but in situations like this there is a healthy depression and an unhealthy anxiety.

The depression that causes you to have no energy is good at this stage. You can even be a bit quietly reflective, but anxiety and worry with constant questions like, “Why?” is not healthy and does not help you get your strength that you need.

You may feel impatient and want to call your partner immediately and get him back right away. This is a normal feeling that everyone experiences. If there was an angry breakup, you might want to call him as you may feel you have to answer his accusation. Stay calm, as contacting your partner too early usually does not make things better.

Your partner needs time and space to think, and not giving this is likely to chase your partner even further away. Your partner needs time to reflect over what your relationship means, and to feel the loss.

This is now time to gather yourself for your relationship rescue. Feeling sorry for yourself at this stage is the most natural normal thing to do, but you need to get yourself going if you are to save this marriage. Don't get going doing just anything you feel You need to structure your plan how to save your marriage.

On the next page are three basic steps you need to get yourself going to save your marriage.

Saving a Marriage:

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