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To Save a Marriage

To save your marriage is vital when you have relationship troubles. Nothing, no career, house or wealth can compensate for a loving relationship. A broken relationship can be restored.

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If what you had is worth working for, then it is better to build on that than to try again with someone new. My wife Connie and I have been there, and this is my testimony that you can save your marriage.

Unhealthy relationships can be healed. Only with a truly toxic relationship should you drop him and move on.

Divorce is not an option; with that one exception: an abusive relationship.

A divorce is never clean cut. The hurt remains there deep in your soul. It lasts for life. There is healing, one gets on with life, but the scar remains.

The only way to heal that wound is to save your marriage. It can be even better the second time round.
Changing a marital problem to a marriage challenge is the key to a relationship rescue.

Saving our marriage - We have been there

I have been there; I have had a career, been comfortably of, and lost everything. My wife, my children, my career, our home. To get my ex wife back with nothing left to our names and with three teenage children, was worth losing everything else for.

We started fresh with only the luggage we could take on the aeroplane. It is possible to recover a relationship and start life over. My wife and I were by then in our mid-forties, with our three children. All we had was each other; and the desire to go forward together, as we once said in a church, before God, “For better or for worse.”

It has turned out for the better.

When it looked darkest, the last nail in the coffin of our marriage, was when a family psychologist told us that there was no hope for our relationship. The psychologist said we would destroy each other. My wife held on to that “professional’s expert advice.”

Since that psychologist got it so wrong I sometimes wonder if she should not have got “professional expert advice,” and how many other couples' relationships she has destroyed through lack of insight.

I left after that, and could not bear living in the same town as my wife and her new boyfriend. Jealousy in relationships is a powerful emotion. I did not even go to the next town; that was still too close. I had to have a long distance between us as a buffer.

The only thing I had left was my father daughter relationships. The thought of getting my daughters away from that man kept me going, and kept me alive. I started planning a strategy to get the custody of our children.

I did not want to separate my children from their mother, but I wanted to protect my children from her new boyfriend, who showed signs of an abusive personality.

The only things of value in our lives are our relationships. When that is lost, then nothing else matters.

Saving a marriage is the only viable option.

If you were once both in love with each other, why can’t your love still grow and mature? It worked for my wife and I. It can work for you.

You are not alone, others have been along this road before you. So use their help, like the advice in this video below:

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How our relationship broke up

I arrived back at the farmstead one afternoon to find nobody home. Some hours later my wife phoned to tell me that it was over. She had found another man, and was with him, together with our children.

A relationship breakup is never easy. This one though, was one of the more difficult to handle. There was nothing that had given me an inkling that something was cracking. It was literally a bolt out of the blue that struck me there.

We had problems and arguments, but I saw nothing so drastic that she would leave me.

Reality dissolved. Everything that had seemed so solid in my life was like the reflections on a floating soap bubble. And the bubble popped. With it went my sense of reality.

I could not continue working. Nothing made sense. I found a buyer for our cattle within a few days. As soon as I didn’t have all those mouths to feed, I moved into town and for the next few months devoted myself 100% to wooing my wife back.

If you have been trying to get your husband or wife back, and found him/her stonewalling you, you will understand the feeling of total helplessness.

Finally I contacted the family psychologist, mentioned earlier. She killed all hope. I packed my things in my truck and headed away. As far away as I could. My plan was to get custody of our children, and if I never saw my wife again, that would be too soon.

This testimony continues with getting ex back.

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Saving a Marriage:

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